Outfit Review: Ruched Sleeve Top


Every now and again I will review some of the favourite items in my wardrobe. This time it’s the turn of my ruched sleeve top. This is a recent addition to my wardrobe, but already I can’t stop wearing it.

This top is very comfortable and easy to wear. It didn’t cling too much to my wobbly tummy, which is always much appreciated, but still gave a lovely shape – enhanced by both the batwing style of the sleeves, and the cutaway sides leaving a curved hem front and back.


It comes in beautiful dark plum colour which means you can brighten up your outfit but still be subtle about it. That said, I did throw an orange scarf on with it the other day which worked surprisingly well – sometimes it pays to take a style risk!


I have worn it with leggings and with jeans, and the top worked well with both. So far I have gone for a casual look, but thanks to the embellishment you can easily add a pair of heels and some sparkly jewellery and look completely glam!


I think this top would be a great addition to any wardrobe as it is so comfortable and versatile. It starts at size 10/12 and goes to a 30/32. It’s currently priced at £12 (€15), so head to thecurvygurl.com to get yours.



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