EVERYbody is Beautiful

Once upon a time the media needed to reflect perfect beauty ideals – society needed the fantasy and glamour of what could be. Those times are gone, but media has not moved on. In fact, instead of simply a portrayal of glamorous perfection, they are infecting us with the belief that this unrealistic beauty ideal should be our reality, and that we are failing and unworthy if we do not match it. That is having a dangerous and damaging effect on many people, young and old. When we are told that there is a right way to be, we automatically feel wrong and bad when we are not that way. And if we do happen to fall into that category, then we are crumbling under the pressure to stay that way. Society is ready for change. There is still a place for the ideal, but we also want all the other kinds of person and types of beautiful represented too.


I think that big brands are afraid to make this move because they trust in the beauty ideal being the safe method of attracting buyers. They believe that only one, narrow look can be beautiful, and are therefore too afraid to deviate too far from that. But I really wish they would.  I don’t know about you, but there have been so many times I’ve been bitterly disappointed, because an item I bought (both online and in-store) looked completely different on me than what I’d seen advertised. When that happens it crushes my self-esteem, makes me feel even more of a failure, and makes me lose my faith in that brand.

Thankfully, there are a few brands and companies that are trying to make a change. And thank goodness. One such company is Trinkets Jewellery of Ireland. They have noticed the lack of true-to- life women in adverts. So, in an effort to do something about it, and to help boost the self-esteem of women and girls, Trinkets Jewellery have created The EveryBody in Ads Campaign. They are calling for women from all walks of life to advertise their products. Over 25 women have already taken part, and already there are a huge range of ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and styles to see. It is so refreshing to go on their page and see the jewellery modelled on people like you and I, rather than a flawless supermodel. It makes such a difference. Everything feels more approachable and appealing, and personally, makes me far more inclined to buy from them.

There are too many people feeling dismissed and underrepresented in media, and in this day and age that shouldn’t be happening. In my opinion, for total customer satisfaction, brands and companies should be reflecting the styles, identities, and wishes of the customer base. So the more brands and individuals that start attempting to make this happen, the better. It’s time for US, not them.

You can see my involvement in the EveryBody Campaign here.

If you would like to participate in the EveryBody Campaign, you can contact Fiona via the Trinkets Jewellery Facebook page


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