Outfit Review: ‘A Love Story’ T-Shirt (Joe Browns)

It gives you such a boost to have people remark on how great you look, and I have had so many compliments from wearing this t-shirt! I liked the top as soon as I saw it, but when I put it on it seemed to really come to life. Being complimented when you’re all glammed up is one thing, but it’s a wonderful feeling to receive so many compliments in an everyday outfit.



This t-shirt works particularly well with jeans, but I have worn it with leggings too. It is extremely comfortable and fits fantastically. I often feel choked by roundneck tops, but this has a lovely low scoop neck, so no worries there.

I enjoy wearing this top so much that I already have it lined up to be a workout top once it’s worn and tattered!


This would be the perfect top to add to your wardrobe now that we’re coming into Spring. And you can easily team it with a cardigan if the Spring weather forgets to arrive!

This t-shirt is available at The Curvy Gurl in sizes 14 – 28 and is currently priced at £12 (€15)


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