The Body Confidence Revolution

I am short, fat, queer, mixed race, and chronically ill. I battle depression, anxiety, PTSD, and an eating disorder. I know what it is to be openly stared at, judged, criticised, blamed, condemned, belittled, dismissed, overlooked, bullied, badmouthed, ignored, silenced, underappreciated, abused, misused, and misunderstood. Unsurprisingly therefore, I am passionate about making a change and campaigning to boost self esteem and body confidence. In fact, my initial blogpost last year was all about how strongly I felt we needed a revolution in raising positive body image. Almost a year later I have found that revolution: The Body Confidence Revolution (TBCR)


TBCR was created by Leyah Shanks back in 2013. After years of bullying and struggling with negative body image, she was, much like myself, determined to do something to counteract “the mainstream media and society’s ideals of what beauty is”. While there are many aims and objectives of TBCR, there are a few that really resonated with me:

–          Embracing beauty in diversity

–          Challenging beauty stereotypes by promoting beauty in all

–          Encouraging self-expression and personal choice

–          Believing that nakedness is nothing to be ashamed of

–          Celebrating individuality

These are all things that I feel are paramount in breaking beauty stereotypes, challenging the unrealistic beauty ideal, and also in reducing the damaging effects of societal pressures and expectations. But in order to make that happen, we need people who feel able to put themselves out there to lead the way. TBCR is that very platform. Through TBCR, strong, determined warriors are able to be role models to all those who are still battling against themselves. As a team we hope to inspire others in every sense of the word. We want to show you that no matter what you look like, what your background is, or how you live your life, that you are valid, valuable, and gorgeous with it. For those of you who don’t yet feel strong enough to join ranks and fight; put your trust in me and the rest of TBCR team. We are here to be heard. We are here to make a difference. We are here to do all we can to show you that you are just as beautiful and worthy as everyone else.


I joined The Body Confidence Revolution for those who can’t bear to see their reflection in the mirror, and dread every meal time. For those who panic at the thought of going outside and being seen. For those who cry themselves to sleep because they feel unlovable and not good enough. For those who are unable to see any good or beauty in themselves.

I joined The Body Confidence Revolution for you.


One thought on “The Body Confidence Revolution

  1. Just got here from the article on the BBC….

    To be honest…..I think you’re pretty fine….lol……

    Straight good looking guy here…..had thin girlfriends and bigger ones……not sure why but I prefer the latter……it’s mainly physical I think…..

    I look at people who follow what the media portray as attractive and are afraid to even consider anything else… frankly it’s pathetic…..guys – let your body tell you what you like….not Hollywood….


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