Finding My Feet

2015 was my first year of my foray into the plus size modelling and body positivity world. There have been so many incredible moments, and by being dedicated to shunning all the negative thoughts and messages relating to my size and weight, I have blossomed. I’m pouring my heart and soul into this. I’m so […]


Sorry for the recent lack of updates, folks. Things have been crazy busy, but all great, fantastic stuff. Since I last blogged I went to Manchester for a jam-packed few days of photoshoots, and lots of firsts! For instance, I had my first bodypainting experience. We had planned to do something outdoors, a sort of […]

No More Holding Back

I had been keeping my foray into the plus size modelling world a fairly close-guarded secret. I am so used to getting a negative reaction to attempting to do anything – because fat people aren’t real people, or able to do the same things as everyone else – that I have been keeping it all […]