Do you truly hate your size, or is it the way people make you feel about your size that you hate? What if people stopped being so judgmental, and stopped body shaming, would you feel so ashamed of what you see in the mirror? I’m sure that there would still be changes you’d like to […]

The Naked Truth

Please can we stop with the body shaming? It feels like we can’t do anything these days without one group of people condemning another. At the moment people posting naked selfies across social media are getting the Stick of Condemnation waved in their direction. For years it has been told and reinforced that women have […]

Pretty For A Fat Girl

“Oh you’re so pretty! For, you know, a big  person.” Have you ever had that? Or similarly, you get “You’re actually quite pretty. If you lost weight you’d be so beautiful.” So you can be fat or you can be pretty, but you can’t be both because fat only equals ugly. It’s not just if […]

EVERYbody is Beautiful

Once upon a time the media needed to reflect perfect beauty ideals – society needed the fantasy and glamour of what could be. Those times are gone, but media has not moved on. In fact, instead of simply a portrayal of glamorous perfection, they are infecting us with the belief that this unrealistic beauty ideal […]